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August 6, 2013     Cold Spring Record
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August 6, 2013

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013 Cold Spring Record Page 14 ............................................................................................................................... .................... T" by Mory Anm H momutz - 252-3017 August 6, 1945, was a long Congress talks about it mostly time ago, but it sticks in our worrying about "specific projects" minds, to improve verification of obeying That is when the first A bomb the ban, if CTBT ever gets was dropped on Hiroshima, passed! Japan. Four and a half miles of No one knows for sure what is the city was destroyed and three going on underground anywhere days later at Nagasaki another in the world!? nuclear bomb destroyed a couple * * more miles of Japanese land- Father Richard Walz is the scape. More than 132,000 people 2013 recipient of the Humane Vi- were dead or missing and anoth- tae award given by St. Cloud er equal number injured by the Diocese's Office of Marriage and bombs. World War II was over. Family. The debate about Nuclear In a ceremony following the Weapons, however, continues. Humane Vitae Mass at St. The world had entered the Mary's Cathedral Crypt in St. "Atomic Age". Research, testing Cloud, Fr. Rich was presented and development of all kinds of with the award, which states: nuclear weapons escalated but With wisdom and grace he coura- the main triple action of the geously lives the essence of the bombs remains the same. Encyclical on Human Life writ- The blast wave which travels ten by Pope Paul IV. Fr. Rich ac- from the point of explosion at cepted the award thanking God speeds greater than the speed of for the Holy Mother Church, her sound creates high pressure in people and her teaching, particu- the atmosphere. This blast pres- larly Pope John Paul II's "theolo- sure knocks down buildings and gy of the body", which helps all anything else in the vicinity. The in the understanding of the won- second type of damage is from ders of life. the heat effect. TNT explosives This year marks the 45th an- produce temperatures of a few niversary of Humane Vitae, the thousand degrees but atomic document that emphasizes the bombs produce a glowing ball of preciousness of all human life, fire that may reach temperatures emphasizing the importance of of millions of degrees, life giving sexuality as part of The radiant energy moves married love, reiterating the with the speed of light. Two ef- church's teaching on how contra- fects combine to reduce the burn- ception separates love and life ing power; the atmosphere ab- while NFP maintains the connec- sorbs some of the heat rays and tion and upholds the marriage energy shoots in all directions, vows. Those who nominated Fa- dispersing it so that at one mile ther Walz noted he had faithfully the power is only one-fourth of instructed those of his parishes what it was at half a mile. in the teaching of the church, The ultimate effect is a raging even though they are counter- fire that can travel quickly in all cultural. directions to destroy everything Fr. Rich grew up in Rockville, in its path. Nuclear radiation is the son of Ed and Annie Walz. the third way in which these He began his priestly ministry as bombs kill, both on the spot and a Missionary in Venezuela where delayed (fallout). At the time of he served for 10 years. He shared the explosion, radiation can pen- his understanding of the impor- etrate concrete and solid sub- tance of Jesus becoming human stances. A dose of 450 kills a hu- and how that changes our lives. man; half of this causes We accept all human life as sa- immediate sickness. Fallout can cred, deserving our respect, pro- occur soon after the bomb ex- tection and care. His priestly plodes or delayed for weeks, ministry continued and he has months or even years, recently returned from the active After years of researching by ministry as pastor of St. Mary of many countries the arms race Mr. Carmel Parish, an Anglo- was definitely "on", and by 1961 Hispanic parish for these past several tests occurred. People several years. were up in arms, protests and The celebration at St. Mary's fear were rampant. Finally on began with a gathering of family August 5, 1963, after more than and friends for the Humane Vi- eight years of negotiations, the tae Mass with Fr. Tony Oelrich U.S., the United Kingdom, and presiding. His homily set the the Soviet Union signed the Lim- tone for the evening. He opened, ited Nuclear Test Ban. This '`we live in a society that makes prohibited all test detonations of life in a test tube and destroys nuclear weapons except under- life in the womb of a mother!" ground. This treaty and two oth- Such an incredible need to con- ers entered into between 1963 trol. and 1990 limit but do not ban all Faith has put us in touch with nuclear testing, a different reality. Faith breaks Many other countries were open reality. Because of it we flexing their muscles. Using the never only see a "problem preg- threat of nuclear weapons, at nancy", we see a person in rela- least by innuendo, enforcing the tionship with another person. ban was becoming more and Because.of Christ's living pres- more difficult, ence in the Eucharist, with the In 1996 the U.N. adopted eyes of Faith we see more. It Comprehensive Nuclear Testing gives access to the constant relia- Ban Treaty (CTBT) which would bility of God's love. With that ban ALL nuclear explosions. In there is always room for LIFE! October 1999 the USA Senate re- All enjoyed food and refresh- jected this treaty. When Obama ments in the gathering area of became President he said he the lower church compliments of would pursue ratification of the the NFP Advisory Committee of ban, but switched to backing the the Diocese of St, Cloud. New Strategy Arms Reduction Recipe of the Week: I don't Treat (START). As of August plant zucchini but a lot of people 2011, 154 governments, includ- do. Try this, it is really great. In ing Russia, had ratified CTBT, fact, it was Irene Conrad (Mary's but only 35 of them were on the mom) that introduced me to zuc- list of "required" to pass it. The chini way back when. Irene had USA apparently is one of those a gigantic garden by the lake and that has not ratified the treaty, would bring zucchini into town Nicolette Seifert and Californian Makenna Gale celebrate their sec- ond place finish at the team milking contest at Rockville's RockFest. This week's History Mystery picture is an old one. Do you even remember when there were sheep raised locally? Call me if you recognize this fellow who lived here all his life. 252-3017. I'll give you a hint, this is 1916. (Sorry about not putting in a mystery picture last week, won't happen again!) Rockville Fire Chief Rod Schaefer (left) and Rockville Emergency Management Director Mike Hofmann (right) present "Thank You" certificates to two of the ten C.E.R.T. volunteers, Kim Asmus and Patty Rousselange at the Rockville Fire Department & Rescue Squad meeting on July 29th. Volunteers not pic- tured are: Zeif Spore, John Aschenbrenner, Judy Ament, Danny Estrada, Todd Malcolm, Roechelle Malcolm, Adam Burling and Bruce Schindler. by the bushels (as I remember) to give away. Good Zucchini Hotdish 3 med. zucchini, sliced 1 inch thick 1/4 tsp. garlic powder Black pepper to taste 1/2 tsp. salt 1/4 tsp. oregano 3 tomatoes, sliced 1 c. onion, sliced thin 6 slices sharp cheddar cheese, grated 8 slices bacon, cut into 2" pieces Layer zucchini in 9 x 13 inch pan, lightly greased. Season with listed spices. Layer rest of ingre- dients as given. Bake at 350 de- grees. Cover for 20 minutes and uncovered 30 minutes more. Rockville Fire Department: The Rockville Fire Department and Rescue Squad held its regu- lar monthly meeting at the Rockville City Fire Hall on Mon- day, July 29, 2013. A review of the department's activities involved with the city's festival was beneficial. The de- partment also participated in the Richmond Parade and will be do- ing so in the St. Boniface Parade, Cold Spring, on August 18th. A big thanks to all the department members for their efforts. Don Simon attended the Cen- tral MN Fire Chiefs Association at Clear Lake last week. The in- formation gathered will be shared and pertinent pro- grams/items will be implemented here in the near future. Applications for 3 positions on the Rockville Fire Department have been published at this time. More applicants are required and desired. Call City Hall, 251- 5836, for more information. There are various informa- tional meetings that will be at- tended by some of the members as they are registered on the cal- endar. Reports will be duly giv- en. Two firemen are retiring. A big thanks to Jim Hartung for his almost two decades as a member and thanks also to Nolan Bartnick, who is moving out of the area and therefore will not be able to participate any longer. A big thanks to both of them for their years of service to the community as members of the fire department. This past weekend (July 27) 20 of Rockville's "finest" helped at the FireFest Concert, Cold Spring Fire Department's annual fundraiser. A big thanks to each of them for their generosity of time and talents. There were 10 medical calls responded to by the squad this past month (July). No fire calls. The Department's Relief Asso- ciation held elections on this night also. President Ron Vossen com. was re-elected, as were Secretary National Shrine Brenda Lodermeier and Trustee In 1952 the Crosier Father Dan Welle. Congratulations to and Brothers established a all three of them. shrine when a major relic of The next regular meeting is Saint Odelia was brought to On- hour of need. It is a practice of the Crosier Order to bless water in honor of St. Odilia by dipping her relic in it and asking God to give it power against all diseases and bodily infirmaties. Through her intercession many are cured, especially from ailments of the eyes. Friends were making a pil- grimage from Georgia to Wiscon- sin, Illinois, Ohio and Minnesota to visit National Shrine's (Mostly those dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, but this one was "too close to skip"!), Plenary In- dulgences can be accomplished during this Holy Year of Faith by visiting National Shrines of the Blessed Virgin Mary, go to ates/mnl.htm. And, in fact, the Church of Holy Cross, Onamia does include a Marian Shrine to "Our Lady of Tenderness" the icon is also com- monly known as "Our Lady of Vladimir'; done by Father John Matusiak of St. Mary's Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Min- neapolis, MN. It depicts the hu- man form of our Savior Incar- nate across the Sanctuary from our Lord's divine presence in the blessed Sacrament. Since 2007, the Shrine has been remodeled and brought to a special section of the church. An icon was written by Sr. Kathleen Holmberg, CSJ, of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet of St. Paul, MN. It keeps watch over the relics of St. Odilia that are kept safe within the cases for her right and her left. We enjoyed a visit and a tour by Father Charlie Kunkel (home parish of Holy Cross, Pearl Lake); bringing with us prayer cards and blessed Holy water to help to heal all our loved ones at home and to use for our personal petitions as well. This is a place like other Shrines where the weak, the in- firm, the frightened, the sinner may gather. It is also a place for the strong, devout and greatful. Thus, each in proper season - Crosiers, parishioners of Holy Cross, pilgrims and visitors each can find here forgiveness and healing in Sacrament and prayer. There was a special Mass of Healing at this Shrine on the 14th of July to which many of the l st Monda: , August 26th, amia, MN. F,o,r many years there the faithful came. All are wel- with .illi, - ,et . ku: ist, i2 . was a statue set upon a pedestal. :come ,to "isi,t the, Shrin e of St. : 20i3. Allmember,s.yze expected, made of tile stone beside the Odilia and the home of the Emergency Management Di- Church of the Holy Cross which Crosiers at any time. The: hope is rector Mike Hofmann reported is a Parish Church and the that by such a visit, we get a on-going information about the Crosiers' place where they keep glimpse of the transfiguration storm that damaged much ofthe Liturgy of the Hours as Reli- that GOd desires for all of us. Je- Rockville. The President has gious within the Church. It was sus shone with the glory of the signed the Disaster Declaration to the Crosier Order that St. Father so that we can see that designating monies for helping Odilia was sent by God to be its death on the cross is not the end. communities in several counties, protector and patroness. St. Odilia accepted her martyr- particularly Stearns. FEMA is In the 4th century, Odilia,dom and was transfigured by her working on the amount. A rough daughter of a powerful ruler of faith in Jesus Christ. This same estimate of the damage here to Britannia, went to her martyr: transfiguration story is calling public infrastructure is upwards dom in Cologne, Germany, to- all of us: "Will you follow?" Will of $50,000. It is possible that gether with St. Ursula and a you go up the mountain of faith 75% of that will be covered by group of other maidens making and be surprised in glory, and FEMA (the Federal Govern- pilgrimage. They were seeking a will you go back down that ment), place where they might practice mountain to the hard work of the A brief ceremony was held to their Christian faith in peace valley below? This is the chal- present Certificates of Thanks to and quiet, but at the gates of lenge and the promise included the CERT volunteers who helped Cologne they were met by fierce in the Church's Year of Faith with traffic control after the and cruel barbarians. The life- 2013. storm. Hofmann also thanked story of these valiant women of Lunch Reunion: The St. the department members andfaith ends there; they met with Boniface High School graduating city personnel for their steadfast death. It was about 800 years class of 1956 is gathering for efforts in clean-up and safety is- later that St. Odilia, Virgin & lunch at The Pearl Lake Lodge sues. He noted that the commu- Martyr, appeared to John Novel- in Marty on Tuesday, August nity residents cooperated well. an, a Crosier living in Paris and 13th. Hopefully all who live in No injuries were sustained. All told him to go to Cologne; get her the local area will show up to safety measures proved success- relics and eventually (1949) they welcome those who live far and ful. were returned home to the wide across the country. As far Catholic Schools: Pearl Crosiers; some of them came to as I know no one lives out of the Lake's Holy Cross CatholicOnamia, which is the "National country currently, but some are School has registration for the Shrine" to St. Odilia. (Only one unable to attend because of i11- 2013-14 school year. Call school, National Shrine per title of a hess, old-age (ha!), other commit- 320-398-7885, f or details. Saint.) ments. Just about 40 have Luxemburg's St. Wendelin'sSt. Odilia has promised to School is open for registration, shower a stream of graces upon all 251-9175 or email the prin- the Crosier Fathers and upon all cipal at stwend@mysitescape- those who invoke her aid in their Rockville News continued on page 15 St. Boniface High School Class of 1953 -60th Reunion committee: (Back row) Dick Ley, Doris Rausch, Ron Hentges and Fran Schmit. Front row: Ed Tischleder, Arnie Krippner, Rosie Lauer and Arliss Hennen.