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Cold Spring Record
Cold Spring , Minnesota
April 16, 1941     Cold Spring Record
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April 16, 1941

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VOL. XXXXII COLD SPRING, M/NNESOTA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 16, 1941 NUMBER 16 THE HOME OF THE LARGEST BUILDING GRANITE PRODUCING PLANT IN THE NORTHWEST A tota.1 of $530.00 ~is being dis- ,as pvi~es to winners m 5th Ann, u~ail H'a~u,dic,ap Beveling which olosed S,unday Apr/1 6l~, at the St. Bonli- A,111eys in CoJd Sp~Lng under auspices of the Cold, Spring Association. The Vo,urna- was over three week-ends, 22-2.3 and 29-30 land Apri.1 17 teams competed in the ,team 42 se~cs of d'aub,le,s and 96 :skill i~ ~"n,e .singlltas. .are the winners in the events, their scores and araount.s of the prizes : TEAMS Heating, .............. 2,981 $50.00 B,anlbams, 'ronvi;llle ........... 2,96B hiquors, Spring ........... 2,956 Moto,r Team, ............. 2,945 S.pring B,rewing Co., Spring ............ 2,943 ~pring Grand'te Oo,., Spriwg ............ 2,941 DOUBLES ttolloran - Leroy O Big Muscles Do Not Mean Good Health Minnesota drafitees ~>f 1941 are far heal~thier than ch,e,t~es of 1917, officlials of the Miinnesota IState M ed~iclall A~ss.oci~tion declar- ed ,today dn a bulletin just ;iss,ued by the associ~Li,o.n :on Oh:e. fi, tn.ess for service of M'inne~01ta se.lectees. Tlhey probab!ly have soft,er'les as some observers hove declare,dl. But they.are fitter ev~..n s,o, to un.der~o the hard,ships o.f amny :life tthan their predecessors of .the 'last war, :tlhe doctors de- c,],a re. Da,~ing the@ cfo~nf~en,tAon upon fin,dlings of draft l~o,a~r,d, e xam'iners, 37.50 .the !phys'ic~ians point ,o,ut that the re,s,ullts of 25 year,s of concerted 27.50 .effort on ,the part .of 41he State BJaard of HoXlth and ,the doctors 20.00 to prevent ,d, iphth,eria, smalJ pox and typhod,d~ and control tuber cu- 15.00 losis, scartlet fever, wh*'g co.ugh, measles and ,otther ch'ild- 10.00 hood diseases, ~a:re now slhowing up in ,the sl~pe of soun.dor heart,s .and 1;ung.s~ 'and :be,t~ter physica~ de~ze.lop- Chaska ..... 1,292 $30.00 m~nt in thie .dra$t~dl men o~f 1941. "At tJhe request of army au~0h~or- Sch~afer - Math. .~nert, Dierz ...... 1,282 24.00i~ies, t~he:se b~a:s ~a:re recedv~ing Sch,imel,pening- James more thorough examin.~tions now ,than i,n 1917," ~the 4oobors say ;in C h'aska, 1,279 20.00 Pete rson - P. K~og'- ,th*is bulletin, "and' stfl,L we find W~i']llmar .......... 1,270 17.00 ~less d'ise,ase, and fewer diama.ged -P. GuSs,trand, Pa.u~l .................... 1,268 Fluegall - S. Skinner- ATexan,drda __ 1,261 - D. C~le, IClou@ ................ 1,20 Orne - C. E. Wdley, ............... 1,258 Cold Spring - Aft. Rockvflfle 1,257 - Ma.rc Wenner, ............ 1,239 - E. St. Clloud _ 1,213 Mathi,son - Carl Rud- 0 r~onv~i,lle .... 1,21.2 Backes - T~d Wurs~t, eejawa,ld ............. 1,202 Han:son - Jos. H,oJm- WilHmar ....... 1,195 hoa~rts. Most ,(~f the reject%ns 15.00 .are for renta4 refe,c~s ,and d.efec- tire vision, and ~ihile 0hese d~ i2.00 fecVive v~is~ion, and while ~hese de- fec, ts shou.l,d~ have ,a~tent'i~)n, ,they 10.00 8.00 6.00 5.00 4.50 SINGLES ScLhafer Pierz .... 704 $20.00 St. l~a:ud__ 681 18.00 ~rry, Hutchinson__ 655 16.00 [erson, W~fillmar__ 653 13.00 Cold. Sp,g 653 13.00 Watldns._ 651 10.00 l~ierz ........ 649 9.00 ks, Mpls. 643 S.tein, Cal~d Spg. 640 Co'ld~ Spring 631 Hutchinson__ 630 esh, A~l:bany ........ 626 Li,tehfield__ 624 1C:o,ld Sprfing 623 O~rtonviille_. 619 C~l*d Spring .... 619 Schrrm,lfenaig, 619 Kacl~illile 617 A~lex'd~i,a 617 Wi,llmar___. 616 Rockvi,lile .... 613 S. Pau!l 613 Chaska_ 613 W~lHvaar_. 606 Litchfi~eLc~ .... 602 Oze~on vil]~_ 601 W~i, llm:ar_ 600 CanDy 599 Chaska .... 598 Gre~nwa~l,dL_ 593 Stone, Cold S,pg. 593 Hutchinson__ 593 ALL EVENTS Schafer, P'ierz::___ 1939 $5.00 ~, Rockvflle 1930 3.00 4o not consti,tute e~,idence ~ener- Mly ,de?veri,orati,ng ~ondi$i~>n. "It is ~true," ~hey s~ay, ",th~=t many 1941~ s,eleetees Ih.ave been rid- IIIGH SINGLE GAME ~l~trand, St. Pau~l____ ,257 $3.00 CHURCH IS WITH HONEY" "Sweet ~s he.n- *is n,o id,le .desc~'ip~ion af tthe church ~Pring as workmen revolved, ing qn automobiles instead of wMking as tiheir pred~eoessors did. Probat~ly they ha~e been g'edng to the mo~ies me,re and filJ,i,ng up the fanfi,ly woad, box ;less ~and, ;in con- seq, uence, .their ~biceps .ave s,ofter." ,Bu.t health d(~e.s n:ot depend up- 4.00on bicepts, ,t~he ~d~oc,~ovs point ~out. Bi,g muselle ,development can and 4.00 often does go" ,al,ong witch bad hearts and ~ungs. 4.00 "Three weeks ~o army training will 'harden any he~l,thy ,boy suf- fieienltly to make, ,him fi.t for al,l ~dlemands of army ilife," the p,hysi- clans decbare, oi~ing officers .in Ohu~rge of arm5r ~tr~inqng camps as authority for their statement. 131 Drivers Who Mixed 8.00 7.oo Drinldng With Driving 6.oo Lose Licenses in March 5.OO 4.50 "------- 4.50M'i~ing intoxicating liqu~.r with 4.00the driving of au~tomo~bi~les ]a,slt 4.00month cost 131 Minnes,ot~a motor- 4.00isis ithe rdght to d;rive. Sixty-tv~o d~iveru' ,llicenses were 4.00revoked ou~trigh~ for one year for 3.50,driving w~hfle @ru.nk, nine others 3.50were re'~oked or habi~tual dnebri- 3.50acy, ~and 60 ,lo,s,t ~their ~iri~in~g per- 3.00mits by suspension, acco~ddng to 3.00the~ Marcih report ,of the Driver~' 3.00Dicense ~bureau of 'the State De- 3.00pa~r~ment of Hdghways. 2.50~l~tho,u:~h~ 18 ~off th,ose convicted 2.50of ,drunken d~iving were punished 2.50seve.~l,y because i,t was a second 2.50offense, on the other lh:an,d 89 con- 2.00victed escaped the ma~cimum pen- 2.00~l,ty .of ~the ,law because the oar- 2.00uaus courecs made no recommend~- 2.00~i,on i~o,r Hcense ac,tion. Fifty-ndne m.o~ris.ts' d,rivers Ilioenses were. ~suspended ~and .three revoked d,~ng tlhe month ~or re- pea~ced offenwes o spee~diing, and 51 other m, ott~ris~ts were barred from the wheel for various lenwtha of time or s~cih ~odwtions as reck- ~less .driving, imoroper and[ da~ger- ~ous p.assing, runn,ing through stop s~i:gns, ;and farilure to s~top and d~is- cdiose d.dentity after, an accident. The Depar~an,ent ~of Conserva- tion has pro.d,ueed a new M~nnesv- 100 pound, s of the swee~ ,ta gam, e fish. A crto,ss be~veen a [~ f~om the gxble ~)~ the bufld~ s'flwer muskel'l.unge ~an@ n~rChern a Week ago, the bees ~aving pike, the new fis,h g~ows muclh Pre~iou!sly removed. The vaore" :r~pid,ly than either ~peies. was discovere